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Lab Event – 2nd Annual Farncombe Institute Research Day

The Caminero Lab attended the second annual Farncombe Research Day at the Royal Botanical Gardens on September 18. The event consisted of oral and poster presentations from various labs in the Farncombe Institute. We had a fantastic day sharing our research projects and learning from other presenters. Also, we had the pleasure of hearing a keynote presentation from Dr. Kashyap on the novel pathways in microbial regulation.

From the Caminero Lab, we had the following presenters talk about their research projects:

  • Liam Rondeau: Oral presentation titled “Microbiota and diet determine aryl hydrocarbon receptor activity and susceptibility to colitis”

  • Dr. Bruna Barbosa: Poster presentation titled “Microbial Metabolism: A key player in food intolerance and inflammatory bowel disease”

  • Rebecca Dang: Poster presentation titled “Exploring food intolerances in inflammatory bowel patients compared to healthy controls”

  • Pranshu Muppidi: Poster presentation titled “Involvement of mTOR signalling in Inflammatory bowel Disease”

A big congratulations to Liam for winning second place for best oral presentation by a graduate student!

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